Ag&Vet Chemicals accreditation, food safety (HACCP), WH&S Risk Management.

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Accredited Consultant with the “Australian Association of Agricultural Consultants” (MAAAC)

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HACCP & Freshcare contract auditor for Sci-Qual International. Contract Auditor for Aus-Meat for the LPA.

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    IJ Ag Services -

Agribusiness Consultant, Trainer & Food Safety QA Auditor

Ian Johnson, IJ AgServices, is passionate about industry stewardship, committed to providing simple practical solutions for best practice in health, safety and environmental care by providing the highest level of support and help to businesses and individuals we work with in the Agribusiness and Amenity Horticulture Agvet Chemical Risk Management Training and Food Safety Quality Assurance Auditing industries to enable our clients meet continual improvement Quality Assurance compliance goals.


  • Ian Johnson

Ian Johnson has a very versatile successful career record in Agribusiness based on over thirty years experience in Agribusiness which has included roles such business management, people management, product development, technical sales roles, training, education, sales and marketing management roles for Australia & NZ, business development,  Food Safety QA Auditing. Graduated from WAC (Charles Sturt University) in 1976. Has worked for multinational R&D companies, major Agribusiness farm supply distributor/retail companies.

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    Services & Recommended Business Associates

  • Agvet Chemical risk management training, consultancy & advice
  • WHS Consultancy, DG & Hazardous Chemicals business audits
  • HACCP food safety auditing & consultancy
  • Freshcare Auditing & training
  • Freshcare Food Safety & Environmental Auditing & Training
  • Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) Auditing for Aus-Meat Ltd
  • Business Mentoring
  • Business Development Consultant
  • Business Management Consultant
  • Agsafe & ChemCert Training
  • Grain Commodity Trading
  • Vegetation Management
  • Financial planning
  • Webpage design


Client Testimonials


Henk Van Den Heuvel


I have known Ian since becoming his colleague (1994, Elders) when Ian moved from out West to the Sydney Basin. Although we have both moved on, we still stay in touch, notably via the (3 yearly) Agsafe courses Ian conducts.


Given Ian s life long experience, dealing with the many facets of the agricultural chemical industry these courses are always of interest, speckling  the in it self some times dry theory with a never ending stream of funny and practical anecdotes.


James Bell

University of Sydney Faculty of Agriculture and Environment Plant Breeding Institute

Ian Johnson has been an integral part of our WH&S  program for the use of farm chemicals. Every staff member and research student has been trained by Ian Johnson in using Agvet chemicals correctly and safety via the ChemCert program.


The Faculty has appreciated his advice and expertise in area of Agvet chemicals and their effect with food safety and environmental impacts. We are able to achieve our aim of best practice in the use of Agvet chemicals for our research and to pass this knowledge to the next generation of Agriculturalists in our teaching courses. Our wide range of International staff and visitors ensures Ian's knowledge is passed to the wider audience of the world and they take back to their countries the best practices Australia is incorporating



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