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Background & Experience

Ian Johnson  

Ian Johnson has a very versatile successful career record in Agribusiness based on over thirty years experience in Agribusiness which has included roles such business management, people management, product development, technical sales roles, training, education, sales and marketing management roles for Australia & NZ, business development,  Food Safety QA Auditing. Graduated from WAC(Charles Sturt University) in 1976. Has worked for multinational R&D companies, major Agribusiness farm supply distributor/retail companies. 

Business focus & passion

“Best practice in food safety, environmental safety & people safety concepts”

Main industry focus

Agvet Chemical industry in Australia and industry stewardship

Key goal

through the education roles of risk management training and business food safety QA auditing to ensure Agvet chemicals are used correctly and safely so no harm comes to those using Agvet vet chemicals ,our food, the environment ,wildlife, other people & our export trade.

Business Commitment Statement
"Ian Johnson, IJ AgServices, is passionate about industry stewardship, committed to providing simple practical solutions for best practice in health, safety and environmental care by providing the highest level of support and help to businesses and individuals we work with in the Agribusiness and Amenity Horticulture Agvet Chemical Risk Management Training and Food Safety Quality Assurance Auditing industries to enable our clients meet continual improvement Quality Assurance compliance goals" 


From Ian Johnson’s LinkedIn

Over 30 years experience in Agribusiness in various management roles. Business Management, Sales, Marketing, Product Development, Training & Facilitation, Consultancy & Auditing. Versatile skills. Positive,friendly helpful approach. Committed to continual improvement & to helping organizations and individuals achieve Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) via QA and training. Goal to help businesses improve overall safety management and commitment to the benefit of all stakeholders via implementing simple practical pro-active risk management systems supported by staff, management, directors, share holders. Goal to be regarded as one of the best at what I do.


Agsafe & ChemCert Risk Management Trainer.
HACCP, Freshcare & Livestock Production Assurance(LPA) Auditor


Training experience

Since August 2004 Ian Johnson has conducted over 530 Agvet chemical risk management training courses throughout NSW and Southern Qld (ChemCert & Agsafe) helping over 5300 people achieve their Agsafe or ChemCert accreditation.  The Agsafe program is for the supply industry and ChemCert for those who use Agvet chemicals. Such courses are examples WHS risk management training & Hazardous Chemicals training.


Auditing experience

As a RABQAS Certified Food Safety Principal Auditor for Sci-Qual International & Aus-Meat Ltd since June 2007 to December 2013 Ian Johnson has conducted over 420 food safety QA audits for programs-Freshcare, HACCP, WQA v6 & Livestock Production Assurance (LPA).


Full Resume


Key clients

Agribusiness Agvet Chemical Risk Management Training

Agsafe Accreditation-Stewardship program for the supply industry

As an Agsafe Accreditation Trainer we help Agsafe Ltd in the delivery of Agsafe Accreditation Courses to the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Supply Industry of Australia. The Agsafe Accreditation Program is a nationally accredited program and is applicable to any business and personnel in the Ag and Vet industry who handle, store, sell, transport, recommend, advise or take responsibility for the safety of agricultural and veterinary chemicals. For more information about Agsafe visit their web site

As a contract trainer Ian Johnson IJ AG SERVICES conduct Agsafe courses on an ongoing basis in NSW usually in the locations of Dubbo, Forbes, Maitland, Sydney Basin & other areas as required.

ChemCert Training Group

ChemCert Accreditation - Stewardship program for farm chemical users 

As a Accredited contract trainer for ChemCert’s RTO ChemCert Training Group Ian Johnson IJ AgServices delivers the ChemCert Chemical Users AQF3,AQF2 & Reaccreditation course as well as the ChemCert Gold AQF4 course. The ChemCert Gold AQF4 course is for those who are managers & supervisors who develop pest management programs and give advice.

Whilst most ChemCert course are delivered face to face ChemCert also have a distance learning training program model and Ian Johnson is a ChemCert distance learning trainer/assessor assisting people achieve their accreditation in Victoria, South Australia, WA, NT & Qld.


Ian Johnson is an Auditor for the Freshcare, SQI-HACCP, Livestock Production Assurance (LPA) food safety programs.

Sci-Qual International

Contract Auditor


Aus-Meat Ltd

Contract Auditor




Freshcare is an industry owned, not-for-profit on-farm assurance program, established and maintained to service the Australian fresh produce industry. Freshcare is currently the largest Australian on–farm assurance program for fresh produce; proudly providing on-farm food safety & quality and environmental certification services to over 5000 members nationally. The foundations of the Freshcare Program are the user-friendly Codes of Practice and detailed training support materials. The Freshcare Codes describe the practices required on farm to provide an assurance that fresh produce is safe to eat, has been prepared to customer specifications and legislative requirements; and has been grown with care for the environment.

Freshcare currently offers certification to the following Codes of Practice, following participation in an approved Freshcare training course:

Freshcare Food Safety & Quality

Freshcare Environmental

Freshcare Environmental - Viticulture

Freshcare Environmental – Winery”



LPA is Australia’s on-farm food safety certification program designed to help the red meat industry strengthen the food safety systems currently in place. It meets the stringent requirements of our domestic and export markets, providing an assurance of the safety of red meat grown on Australian farms.